Horse racing syndicates

Join one of our horse racing syndicates in 2024

Join a selected group of individuals who benefit from inside information in horse performance, regular updates and communication. All shareholders will receive owners and trainers badges to the races to watch their horse run, with a complimentary lunch in the owners and trainers restaurant. You will also have the opportunity to visit the yard, and watch your hose on the gallops.

Each shareholder will receive a pro-rata share of prize money won by their horse.

A £1 bet on all pcracing horses in 2020 would equal £42.25 profit, imagine if you also knew the inside information.

After the 2023-24 season, all horses will be sent to the Tattersalls sales and be sold, and the proceeds will be shared between the shareholders.

Why a horse racing syndicate with pcracing?

Based in the legendary horse racing town of Newmarket, Peter Charalambous owner, breeder and racehorse trainer, has won over £1 million in prize money and over 200 races, with just a small string of horses. He believes the crucial element of a racehorse trainer is to “know the ability of the horse before it arrives at a racecourse. Many people like to have a bet, and it’s my job to advise them on when I think the horse is ready to win.” Our horse racing syndicates are with a select group of individuals who we pick to join us for the season.

Racehorse syndicates available in 2024

Space Trooper

Lethal Force / Boonga Roogeta

Half brother to Apollo One

Shares available


Harry Angel / Boonga Roogeta

Half brother to Apollo One

Shares available

Apollo One

No shares currently available

Shareholder and Syndicate Disclaimer

For each Shareholder you acknowledge that your partnership with pcracing is purely for the enjoyment of horse racing and not for investment purposes.